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Residential Care Apartment Complex and
Community Based Residential Facility
of TH, Inc.



– "Experiences..."


"Well, obviously I wouldn’t have been here for 11 years if it weren’t a desirable place. The ‘Administration’ couldn’t be more accommodating. The staff members are always there – very responsive. The food is good and I’ve gained weight to prove it. I still do many things for myself and I have my privacy. I’m busy when I want to be. My apartment is clean, comfortable and plenty of room – much better than some I’ve seen" RCAC,

Opal, (tenant since 10/02)


"I can sum this up very easily…it’s the closest place to heaven there will ever be – staff members are great. I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ve had wonderful experiences here and I would recommend it to anyone. I make my own choices to do what I want, and I really enjoy the music programs." RCAC,

Eileen, (tenant since 9/06)



"I have lived at Glenview for almost a year now, and I have grown to like it very much.  It is quite a change from the ordinary daily living in Florida.  The care givers here really take good care of you by listening to your "wants and needs", and then doing something about it.
Also, the daily meals are delicious, which my pants can verify since several pairs have gotten smaller since coming here.  I had never dreamed that I would be so well taken care of in the latter years of my life."

Gaius W.

A letter received from a family member.

To the Staff of Glenview

Dear All:

I would like to personally thank you for the warm welcome extended to me during my recent visit with my parents Darwin & Ruth.

I am very impressed with the fantastic facility at Glenview and the professional way in which the facility is run and the staff which see to the various daily needs of all the people of Glenview.

There are very few facilities like yours in South Africa and everyone I have spoken to about Glenview are impressed.

Could you please forward to me your website address, or Facebook name so that I can follow you on the various activities that you have planned.

I believe that a photo was recently of my father holding one of the dogs that visited you on Pet Day and I would like to see the photo.

I am already looking forward to planning my next trip to Shell Lake next year!
Thank you again.




Above ground fire pit donated by Harold Laws family to
honor his memory...thank you.



“It’s a family like atmosphere along with being a great place to work.   There’s so much that’s positive about Glenview.  I’ve been here five plus years now, and I’m not looking to go any place else.”                          Michelle –  5 yrs; Caregiver


“It’s the most wonderful, beautiful place that I’ve ever worked.  Everybody is great, and we all get along very well.  The food is wonderful and the activities, such as ‘Happy Hour’ are wonderful.  I love it here; and, the Administrator is very understanding and easy to talk with.”

                                                Barb – 6 mos., Caregiver


“Staff is like one big family that treat each other with love and respect.  The tenants are treated as part of the family in a way I would want my grand parents treated.  I have a great boss – actually, they are all great!” 

                                                Grace – High School Student, 2 yrs Life Enrichment Assistant


“I love it here.  It’s relaxing to work in the kitchen after working in a restaurant kitchen for several years.  We have what we need to provide high quality meals to our tenants, and I make sure the meals are all served at the proper temperatures and timely. I really enjoy the tenants and staff.  I love the Administrator.”

                                                Mag – 2 yrs; Cook


“For me personally as a widow, this is my extended family, both tenants and staff.  I enjoy all of the activities, especially Bingo, the outings, shopping, picnics, bus trips, etc.  We work really hard to meet individual tenant needs.  Glenview is a warm, caring joyful place where you’d want your relatives to live.”

                                                Pam – 5 yrs; Volunteer


Family Members:

"Speaking from a lot of experience and a little bias, I can tell you that Glenview is an "assisted living" that puts the "home" in home with the focus and emphasis on "tenants first".  The facility is extremely well managed and the staff presents a warm, friendly, caring attitude. From the perspective of the responsible family member, I know that my folks are being well taken care of, and, their needs are being met on a daily basis.  It's a lot of comfort knowing that my folks are living in such a wonderful place."

Tooker W.


For More Information Call:

Fax 1-715-468-2787

email:     glenview83@hotmail.com

Glenview Assisted Living
201Glenview Lane
Shell Lake, WI  54871

Glenview does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs and activities.

Sponsored by TH, Inc.
A Community Non-Profit Corporation