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Welcome to Glenview



Residential Care Apartment Complex and
Community Based Residential Facility
of TH, Inc.






*Does the residence have the style of living you desire (private apartment, private room, private bath)?

*Is it attractive and in good repair?

*Does it have the level of comfort you desire (equipment, electronics, garden areas, space for entertaining, hobbies, or windows)?

*What meals are provided?  Are the quality and quantity of meals adequate?  Does the food style suit your tastes, nutritional requirements and cultural preferences?

*Are the social interactions and recreational programs appropriate and appealing?



*Is it in a safe neighborhood?

*Is it convenient for shopping, doctor’s visit, religious services and social contact?

*Is it reasonably close to your adult children’s homes?



*Does the facility have requisite safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors?  Are emergency exits clearly marked?  Is there an emergency evacuation plan in place?  Is there a sprinkler system?

*Are conditions sanitary?

*Are doors and locks secure and is there someone on duty 24 hours a day?

*Is there an emergency call service?

*Is a doctor available around the clock?

*Are there any obvious hazards?

*Are medications and medical care handled properly?

*Are facilities safely accessible for those with physical handicaps?


Quality of Care:

*Do current tenants/residents appear to have their needs met?

*Do they seem to be content?

*Do the tenants/residents interact well with staff?

*Does staff take the time to listen and respond to tenants needs?

*What is the staff-to-tenant ratio?

*Are Tenants/Residents Rights posted?


*What are the staffing patterns – are the personnel there long term, or is there high turnover?

*How many and what type of staff are employed?

*What training does the staff receive – what are their credentials?

*What do current tenant or their relatives say about the care they receive from staff?


*Are there restrictions on behavior, such as smoking or drinking alcohol?

*Are pets allowed?

*Are guests welcome (including overnight guests)?

*Are there formal visiting hours?

*How much flexibility is there in meal times?

*How are rate increases handled?

Business Practices:

*Is the facility currently licensed and operating legally?

*Has its license ever been revoked and, if so, why?

*Can you see any recent inspection reports?

*Can you see financial records?

*Can you get references?

*What are the needs of the tenants and what does residence cost?

*Some facilities base their rate on the square footage of the unit.  (Adding square feet, separate bedrooms, or a full kitchen can add to the cost.)

                                                                                    DHFS – State of Wisconsin


For More Information Call:

Fax 1-715-468-2787

email:     glenview83@hotmail.com

Glenview Assisted Living
201Glenview Lane
Shell Lake, WI  54871

Glenview does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs and activities.

Sponsored by TH, Inc.
A Community Non-Profit Corporation